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    Video Production

    Every business is looking for an angle, and in a world driven by information, aesthetic and sound, video production is the tool one needs to grip the attention of future customers, and secure their interest in your brand.

    At Taborovsky Production, we’ve put in the time to hone the skills and experience necessary to create truly efficient, impactful and effective videos from which your company and your business will truly benefit. You focus on the idea you want to drive to your customers, and we’ll handle the rest.

    A full-service video production company with the highest capabilities of producing beautiful 4k video-services at a level well above the video industry competitive standard. With a veteran team of experienced and highly skilled creative experts in the video production field, Taborovsky Productions wields an impressive roster of creative experts of the highest order; capable of conceiving top-quality video-based services such as commercials, corporate videos, films, and online advertisements tailored to the socially-engaging world at large, for use in promotions, broadcasting and marketing.

    Working with us, you will not be restricted in any way when it comes to developing your commercials, ads or video productions. Delivering us the relevant stats about your target market, we will work through our expert and ironed-out process to ensure that you will catch your market’s attention and display your product or services in the best light possible. A high-quality video production that is both visually attractive and intellectually stimulating.

    Taborovsky Production and our video production services seek to enable brands to create quality content, anywhere in the world. We’ve worked extensively with an eclectic mix of businesses and corporations throughout Canada for over ten years. Our video producing efforts have reached from Toronto to Vancouver, and from Ottawa to Montreal. Edmonton video production, Calgary video production, and even across the border to Buffalo and New York State. But no matter the location, your end result is sure to reach around the globe.

    The internet is being used more than ever both in terms of usage and sales or marketing. It’s an interesting time we’re living in right now. It is of paramount importance that your video advertisements build confidence in your future customers – in fact, the entire notion of content marketing relies heavily upon trust and company-customer relationships. You know this. We know this. Social media statistics make it clear that video production is both the now – and future – of commercial advertising. Studies have shown that over 70% of customers learn about services or products through video versus any other medium.

    Content-hungry audiences watch well over a billion hours of video content every single day, a massive percentage of which is aimed at delivering a message or advertisement towards a certain product, business or service. Becoming one of these hits is essential to the future success of your business. Taborovsky Production goes to work in producing a commercial video production that you’ll want to make sure you are on the landing page of Google’s search engine results.

    Over 83% of companies have marked that video production services and video marketing has led to them increasing their overall revenue. In hiring us, you’ll have access to those resources needed to create competitive video content.

    How do we do that?

    From developing a built-in strategy for your video, to managing its visual impact and psychological implications, we will elevate your business to a new standard in order to facilitate the grounds on which it can continue to grow and succeed. You will save immense time and effort using our video production services to create your video content, as we intelligently match your products, visions and end-goals with our team of veteran creators to meet all of your commercial video needs. Videographers, graphic designers, writers and directors will come together to craft a story for your brand and walk the process to the finish line. We will work on a schedule to ensure timely delivery of your video content based on your calendar. You’re never alone in this process, and we are happy to establish a congruent workflow with your team. Let’s create videos that are the epitome of your brand.

    What we create

    We create commercial videos, corporate videos, Youtube, Instagram or Facebook advertising video, all at the highest playback quality attainable and catered to your specific needs; be it social & mobile platforms, television or even radio. The ease of workflow, speed of our delivery, and depth and quality of our video production services, arm brands with the tools they need to conquer a competitive marketplace as one of a kind. Cinematic, bold and tailored perfectly to your content, our services are a visionary brands match made in heaven.

    From concept to commercial

    Taborovsky Production is a video production company that takes pride in being responsible for working on all of the different processes involved in film production. From crafting the concepts and scripts, to hiring the cast, to recording the videos and reviewing the videography; from composing the score and editing, and finally to exporting the final product, we take a fine-tooth comb to each and every point of the process.

    Your budget and idea

    We are more than prepared to help you manage a prepared budget. With our detailed knowledge with industry costs, location scouting and overall time-cost ratios, we can assist you in working out the different aspects of your video production project to arrive at the perfect plan. Objectives and goals will be detailed in the first of our meetings, and we will have you informed along each step of our creative process – making sure we’re all on the same page. As professional videographers and producers, we have a responsibility to see that the goals and objectives of your production are met by the end of this process, and your budget is one of these important points to consider.


    Toronto: We’ve worked quite extensively in this booming metropolis over the years. As our home base, we’ve cultivated an eclectic roster of clients to whom we’ve serviced top grade videography and commercial production services through our video production branch at Taborovsky Productions. The Toronto video production market is a very competitive marketplace and we’re proud to say we’ve been a leading innovator and competitor and honing our advertising and production skills in order to deliver state of the art products to our customers and have received immense and gratifying feedback from them, seeing their customer bases and revenues grow as a result of their newly acquired video advertisement. We strive to continue to grow our network and help connect brands to the tools necessary to expand their marketing reach. We’ve produced commercial videos for all sorts of companies; everything from restaurants and clothing stores, to gyms, law firms, boutiques and grocers. From sky scrapers to elaborate waterfronts, to industrial outskirts, Toronto is an excellent location to utilize for your next commercial or corporate video.

    Vancouver: A city surrounded by ocean, mountains and a bustling cultural center,
    Vancouer is a city that offers a unique aesthetic advantage. We’ve worked in Vancouver to produce excellent outdoors business marketing videos and commercials, an assortment of establishments online video ads, and continue to film there to this day. The Vancouver video production market is booming and as the inclination to online marketing continues to evolve and advance, the need for professional and outstanding video production services becomes more and more imminent. Tabarovsky Production offers just that with our industrial grade equipment, diverse team of veteran creatives, and network of media professionals.

    Montreal: Having worked with some of Montreal’s most popular restaurants, artists and boutique businesses, Taborovsky Production has developed a presence in this unique Canadian city. Video Production Services can be limited in this area, and we believe that Taborovsky Production offers a cut-above the rest when it comes to commercial production for this hub. With its European style streets and multilingual atmosphere, we specialize in crafting the perfect commercial production for your business to stand out in an oversaturated market.
    Ottawa: Canada’s capital city. The government workers’ city. A corporate hotspot and tourist destination. Taborovsky Production is no stranger to this great Canadian city, and we service video production tailored to the needs of this cultural hub. With our Ottawa video production services, we offer a detailed analysis of your business and deliver stellar commercial and corporate videos.

    How we shoot:

    With our video production services, we have developed a streamlined team chemistry throughout our experience, and have maintained – and continue to evolve – a consistent and focused workflow. We abide by teamsmanship, on-and-off set ethics, and a high standard of respect. Every team member’s voice is heard, and every team member’s efforts are acknowledged. We are a team of highly trained and inspired creatives, directors, sound engineers, writers, videographers, actors, makeup and hair artists, and lighting technicians. We seek to bring perfection to every shoot. We make sure our environment caters to a stress-free, highly motivated and safe workplace. All safety measures are ensured during our filming and filmmaking to ensure that our Video Production Services, be it in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, New York, or Buffalo, all meet the highest standard of safety, efficacy and attention to detail. Everyone should be made to feel safe, acknowledged and engaged in the process. We respect and abide by community and infrastructural bylaws, regulations, fire-hazards and capacity safety.

    Fidelity, reliability, and superior quality are what we guarantee when you entrust your business with Taborovsky Productions. With our vast experience in the video production industry, we aim to tailor our unique and diverse knowledge in videography, sound and aesthetic to create a visual you will love. We care deeply about manifesting your vision with you and understand the importance of supporting our clients every step of the way throughout all stages of production. Whether you’re connecting with us to create video content for commercial broadcast or for online advertising, Taborovsky Productions provides video production solutions to elevate and propel your business forward. Producing a masterpiece stage for your product is our passion and we are proud of what we do!

    Audio Component:

    Need music or vocal talent for your promotional video? Taborovsky Production can do it all! With our prodigious team of talent, we will provide complete audio production (musical scoring, jingles and/or voice overs) to create a mood and semblance that further echoes your business’s message. Our talent has studied at some of the most prestigious schools for music and has decades of experience in music production, performance and songwriting. Included at your request, during the storyboarding process, our talent will create a short series of demos to assist in conveying your ideas to your audience. Some may comprise both instrumentation and voice over/melodic composition, while others may use music alone to compliment the videography. Either way you chose, you will not be disappointed with their contribution!

    The Team:

    We run a tight ship. Our team is a well-oiled machine at this point, but that doesn’t stop us from being creative and inspired. We’ve truly attained the sought after balance of work and play, providing a synergistic approach to our video production projects, allowing an inspired workflow to integrate with tried and true technical knowledge in the realm of commercial production. The team consists of four main counterparts. Paul Taborovsky, the owner and the main photographer/cinematographer of the studio, works in two general directions – commercial and lifestyle, and does so with a keen eye for photographic perfection and style. Olly, the creative director, marketing expert and visual conceptualizer, who has professional education and experience when it comes to brand imaging and marketing and who can conceptualize from the ground up. Joshua and Krystal, our commercial script writers, voice over artists, audio technicians, who each have extensive on-and off-camera acting experience. Together this team with the extension of exceptional and seasoned photographers, videographers, editors, makeup artists and stylists deliver high-quality products whether it’s an editorial shoot, a creative photo session or music video.


    We are a unique video production company – and we stand by that statement. The word unique is thrown around often, but please, allow us the opportunity to expand on why we are just that. We have crafted our services from scratch in order to deliver the most creative, efficient and impactful services for scalable video content. We have built a curated network of the most elite and complex visual and ideological artists in the video production marketplace. These are the two absolutely necessary components to cut through the noise in the modern commercial space. Psychology is an oft overlooked aspect of marketing. Our team studies this component deeply, and works overtime with you and your brand to establish and/or understand the framework and goals of your product, in order to meet your market and buyers directly where they are inspired to become life-long customers. This is an art form and a science. Bringing these two together synergistically is reserved for the absolute best. There’s a reason why certain adverts succeed, and certain businesses thrive. This isn’t just about making a movie, it’s about delivering a message – as simply, effectively and clearly as possible. An offer that can not be refused. When you need an edge up on your competition, or to establish supremacy in a domain, you need to think outside the box, and sometimes to do that, you need to be outside the box. Many video production services get stuck in the loop of their work cycles and fail to observe the turning tides of industry. We ensure to consistently run thorough analysis on the marketing changes, and chart the exact ways in which the consumer psychology is changing in regards to visual, audio and verbal stimulus. We apply this philosophy to every single project and not a frame is left unspoken for. Taborovsky Production and team are alway on hand to help you and your team complete your mission with the power of video.

    We adhere to a set of principles or tenets that guide us to delivering you uncompromising quality in your commercial productions, corporate videos and video advertisements. We aim just above excellence, and apply the utmost of our skills in a disciplined and strategic fashion. Each of us is talented and learned in our skillset, but we work even better as a team – as a fully functioning unit. It’s because of this that you receive the best product possible. We split the workload and review and review again. Perfectionism and passion combined. We love what we do, and you’ll feel and see that when working with us. Let’s connect and build your brand to new heights.

    We collaborate with photographers and videographers who are ambitious and full of bright and innovative ideas. Since we live in Toronto, we are also privileged to work with a very multicultural team, which allows us to multiply each other’s knowledge and enrich our artistic perceptions. In the core of our philosophy lies one simple truth- love is a universal language. No matter what traditions you follow, rest assured that we will come to an understanding regarding what needs to be captured, and we will do it in a timeless classy manner.

    Life is all about being yourself, and surrounding yourself with people who would make you feel comfortable to do so. That’s why it is important to us that all of our team members have open minds and open hearts. This human behaviour only enhances the final result, allowing our photo and video artists to accurately convey the quality of your brand. We live in harmony with what we do, and our clients can really sense it.

    No matter what business you’re in, customers always come first. This is especially true when you are in a direct relationship with the client, like we are. That is also why we work closely with you to learn what it is that you expect from us- what kind of shots you like, what mood you are going for, etc. We don’t make our customers wait. We answer quickly whether you contact us by phone, email, Skype or send a pigeon.


    Gear- Taborovsky Productions uses state of the art equipment to realize your artistic vision with paramount quality. We utilize sophisticated, premium cameras like Sony A7RII and SonyA7SII, which have the best low light performance on the market. Our most esteemed camera, however, is the Red Epic-W which shoots in 8k (16x greater resolution than 4k HD) and is used for high-end Hollywood filmmaking. This state-of-the-art camera combines advanced color science with incredible dynamic range. The result is cinema quality imagery with vivid colors plus detailed shadows and highlights to produce the most realistic images imaginable. All of these features combined with our technical and intuitive skills will ensure you have video with pristine quality. We seldom shoot without supporting gear: sliders, stabilizer, tripods and monopods. These tools are very important as they help us achieve a stable image and smooth transitions which in turn contribute to a cinematic, professional look.

    Standing Out

    As we’ve mentioned before, it’s of paramount importance that you not only let your voice be heard in the marketplace, but that you stand out – you cut through the crowd and let it be known that you are the thing they’ve been looking for, the thing they need. Because you are after all, right? And that’s why you’re taking your brand to the next level with us. With the way the world is rapidly changing, many of our customers can now exist in Toronto or Vancouver, but be competing in many cases with companies in Belgium or Rome. At the end of the day, you now have the potential to reach those customers, and show them who you are. They can see you from across the seas, humanize you, and connect. All kinds of new potential business. Video and music is a universal language and brings your brand right to their homes, no matter the distance. Whether it be a provocative visual ad, a good promotional video that shows your employees and workplace, testimonials from your clients or a message from you directly, these tools will help you unlock a completely new playing field. Not only that, but in seeing you as intimately as they can, it plays back to a more traditional setting and period in business where our customers knew us personally, and that says a lot. Video can help grow your brand – period. Engage your clients and entertain them, and watch your revenue grow.


    Video production services that render you a new commercial advertisement, corporate video or social media ad are an absolutely phenomenal and proven way to increase your brand really. A recent study has shown that 80% of respondents remembered the videos from brands they’ve watched within 30 days. Text and photos alone did not have the same impact, as it’s quite obvious consumers were bombarded with likes every second of their days. Video however, was a different story. This is because the medium of film and videography help your brand establish a distinct personality, easy to remember, and at best – feel. Your customers get to connect with a situation or individual, rather than a fixed and inanimate image. It essentially humanizes your business. On top of this, people are far more likely to share videos – especially if there is a novel nature to them, which we aim to establish in our video productions. This is an essential thing to consider when looking to increase brand awareness. The more people who are spreading your brand’s message, the more free marketing you’re getting and potential customers you’re converting. Awareness grows and so does your revenue. Video production for your brand is an obviously advantageous option and allows you to create a unique message with a truly real-world impact. This is certainly true for growing brand awareness. Taborovsky Production has sharpened all of our tools in this regard to drive home the kind of commercial that has a high “shareability” profile and connects in a stylistic fashion.

    Videos on social media get users to slow their scrolling down. The traffic for videos has never been higher than it is now. Having videos and commercials on your website makes you 75& more likely to keep traffic that you receive for more than just a few seconds. We believe that if you’re going to spend money to generate traffic to your pages or sites, make sure you can keep the traffic there. A great commercial or corporate video does just that.

    Social Boost

    Social Media can be an effective way to reach your audience. Many business owners and companies attempt to acquire new clientele or customers through these various mediums, however, their ads often fall short. The video ads at times lack either quality or lack content that would best highlight their product or value. That is where we come in. We would love to help you reimagine the way you reach your audience with video. There are many different ways to promote your business/company or product on these platforms. Facebook and Instagram, for example, offer In-Stream and Story ads and also allows you to promote posts straight from your page. We love tailoring our video expertise to best suit your needs and if you want to produce specific video content for your social media page, we can help! We have an understanding of what format best fits these styles of advertisements, and we will collaborate with you to create what you need. We will discuss your goals for your social media advertisement, and will elucidate your vision while keeping the video ad between 15 and 30 seconds (best for social media platforms). A short video doesn’t mean less quality! We will assist you in creating meaningful content with measurable results.

    You’ve done it before, scrolling through a social media page, passing advertisement after advertisement – until that one. That one ad, so visually captivating, so sonically sweet, that you have to stop for just a moment and let your eyes and ears inquire further. Taborovsky Production is well acquainted with such an ad, and in fact, we make them all the time. Chances are, you’ve probably seen one of ours. You need to take advantage of that split second attention span you’re granted from your potential customers. That means focusing on quality and captivation of content versus flash. Too often, people fall under the influencer spell, wasting time and money on flash and glam when it comes to their posts. They miss the mark. You need to captivate in the way that the best movie trailers and classic ads have. Nike, Five Gum, Buick… These companies have capitalized over the past decade on a cinematic infomercial hybrid that has set fire to the companies’ sales metrics and brand awareness. We use the same techniques and cater them to the social media world at large, to drive the perfect short and intensified ads needed for you to attain commercial success. Leave the process to us.

    Types of commercials

    Image Videos are commercials to create confidence in your brand. Their main focus is on the qualities you want customers to associate with your company. Great products, or social consciousness, or great customer service etc. These qualities are at the forefront of most Image Videos. These types of ads are exceptionally great at targeting specific demographics.

    Comparison Videos are the types of advertisements that help brands stand out as different or superior to their competitors. They often discuss a business’ unique processes, or ingredients, or technologies or products in general that their competitors do not possess.

    Topical Videos are simply a highlight reel of your product, intended to inspire consumers to inquire further.

    Hop on the Bandwagon styled commercials are designed with psychology in mind to convince potential customers to buy a product because perhaps it’s the trendy thing to do, or that they’ll be left out if they don’t. Using an influencer, celebrity or popular individual is very effective in these instances. It sounds manipulative at first, but if you truly believe in your product, and know that your product will do just that, this is how to hit it home.

    Proof of Performance commercials are a type of video production that put focus on the acquired success of the brand’s product. You can show statistics, revenue, before and after. They are effective in that they are quantitative displays of how the product solved a problem.

    Finally, Customer Testimonials are commercials and advertisements that can be used in your video marketing efforts to great effect. These video productions have customers discuss the benefits they’ve derived from your product. Viewers tend to believe genuine testimonials and increase likelihood of further inquiry or product purchasing. You need to use testimonials from people who look like your target audience, or share the same common problem that your product or service solves. Your testimonial must sound natural and avoid any type of script-like delivery.

    Corporate Videos are excellent for introductions to your business. It improves your chance for success immensely. In general, populations would much rather watch an entertaining and informative video on your business than spend hours reading case studies and white papers on your business and blueprints. It’s much more effective. People respond better to seeing another person. Hearing their voice, seeing their facial gestures and body language. It grabs attention and in fact makes the information that they are receiving that more more potent and increases the viewer’s ability to assimilate this very information.
    Each of these types of commercials has its own pros and cons and each has its own time and place for use. We can analyze your brand and your goals and deduce which of these types of video production services will best suit your mission and craft the perfect project in one of these categories. It’s even possible that having two of these types of productions can help expand your brand even greater in different areas of your marketing. Or, in other cases, creating a hybrid of both can be an additional benefit. Your brand should be armed with all of the tools to be used in a variety of situations. And as the marketplace continues to evolve, now with the introduction of digital and virtual worlds, the means through which – and by which – brands must adapt and advertise, will evolve in tandem. We have already begun researching and analyzing these changes and are very excited ourselves to adapt and offer continued services into these domains to help your brand follow the wave and come out ahead. There is no limit when creativity and innovation work in sync – and we aim to do just that.

    How to have a successful project

    It all begins with the brand’s objective. What solution do you offer your customers, your client base? Once we’ve established that, truly in stone, we can move towards the brainstorming initiative that will spur a plethora of ideas. The ideas are wide and varied, the more we push to the extremes in the brainstorming process of your commercial, the more innovation we will discover, and in doing so, be able to arrive at the most balanced, effective, and unique idea of the bunch. Throughout this process we love to receive your input and thoughts as we craft the most ideal video production for your brand.

    Brand expansion is always in our mind, and brand identity is the core of that. Oftentimes businesses are granted the ability to stretch their brand identity when it comes to video production, as it allows a visual component and narrative component to be born of what was formerly a two-dimensional concept. Commercial productions need a powerful script. Once we have that, we need the right faces – the right energy. Casting actors to represent your brand is a vital process. It’s one we are very adept at performing, but one that also needs your approval. You know your customer, and we will direct you to the types of personalities that will be vibrant in representing your brand. Once we’ve achieved the ideal fit, the filming begins. The filming process is the most important, and also our absolute forte. Everything captured on that day will be done so with acute attention to detail and absolute artistic prowess. Choosing your location for the scenes is ideal, but not every business has a storefront anymore.

    That may be you. We’ve obtained curated lists of fantastic locations over the years in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, Buffalo, New York and Los Angeles that are visually captivating and dynamic in the sense that we can utilize them for an array of commercial production. To ensure that your project runs smoothly, communication is key. We are at your disposal throughout the entire process to address any concerns that may arise. Our customers have often become our friends by the end of the process and have referred us to many of their business partners. This process helps everyone involved. In a community of audio-visual marketing and constant progressive online integration, video production services are an extension of your business. The old standards have changed, and having a content producing arm of your business is basically essential at this point in time. We’re working to develop a branch of Taborovsky Production that will offer consistent video production services for social media and television on retainer. Please contact us now to discuss this matter further and see where we can fit into your business model and help it expand into a fully functioning online video presence.

    The Market

    With the convergence of multi-factor changes all at once, there is an unequivocally increasing demand for video production services from end-user industries. The internet, broadcast and digital radio is expected to drive an unprecedented growth in this market. With Video Production and video marketing and the reports derived thereof, brands gain access to insights on the latest trends. These reports summarize critical aspects of the market, with focus on leading player’s areas. They are able to see areas with the highest demand, regions and applications for their product. Qualitative and quantitative information regarding opportunities, factors and challenges that should define the growth or shifts of their brand focus.