Equipment I Use

In this post I want to tell what equipment I like to use and why.

Here is the list of equpment I use on weddings:
Nikon D3s
Nikon D800
Sony a7s II
50mm 1.8
85 1.8
35 1.4

My main camera is Nikon D3s – this old monster (2009) is still giving a kick to the most of the modern pro cameras like D810, 750 etc. Yes, it has only 12 mpx, but truly it’s more than enough for wedding photography. You can print invitations, print wall art and so on not needing more pixels. Another benefit – RAW size around 15 mb that allows me to save on hard drives and store all raws from the wedding.

Second camera – D800 is like a truck (36Mpx) that gives really good quality for pictures if they will need some extra retouch (bridal portraits and groom portraits). Not shooting much with this camera during the day – much higher resolution and RAW size aren’t necessary for wedding photography.

Sony a7s II – more like a toy, since there is no second memory card slot. Not safe to shoot the whole wedding with it. Comparing picture quality to D3s or D800 – don’t see any major difference.

Regarding the lenses – 35mm is my go to lens. It allows to shoot pretty much everything and everywhere – in small room during the preparation, at the church, group shots, reception. Don’t really like to use it for bridal and groom portraits since my style is more “classical” so I like compressed photos without any distortion.

In this case (for portraits) I use 85 1.8 – it’s a lightweight lens allows me to be dynamic. move a lot and still I have some space to shoot wider shots. For closeups it’s wonderful – just enough telephoto compression gives this compressed look not needing to carry heavier lenses.

50 mm for me is some kind of toy that I put sometimes when I want my camera not to have any weight at all. It’s physically short so it’s easy to carry, fix so it’s good for bad light, but 50 is 50 – looks like a picture from the phone:)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have any questions – please leave your comments below.