What to expect with your Toronto wedding photographer and videographer before, during and after your wedding

In the previous post I gave you some tips on how to choose your toronto wedding photographer (same tips apply to choosing a videographer as well), and I hope you found them helpful. In this post I would like to talk about what to expect after you found your dream-team.

Before The Wedding

Generally speaking, there’s nothing you should be worrying about when it comes to your photography and videography team. If you hire real professionals in Toronto, it is their job to make sure that everything goes smoothly on their part. However, sometimes couples are eager to manage every little aspect of their wedding planning. If you can relate, here are some ways to make sure you and your photo/video team are on the same page.

This is the time to give your photographer and videographer some food for thought. You should let them know about the moments of your wedding that are especially important to you. This gives them the opportunity to consider the choice of the equipment they will be using on each location as well as get ready and set on-time during the wedding itself.

Speaking of locations, it’s a good idea to let your photographer and videographer know where your wedding will take place, as well the location of the venue way ahead of the event itself. There are numerous wedding destinations in Toronto and the GTA that look great in pictures and on video, but not all of them are widely known. This is why sometimes the crew visits the places ahead of time to learn what are some of the most photogenic spots and angles.

Another thing to do is send a copy of the wedding day schedule to both the photographer and the videographer as soon as it is available. The schedule should have the addresses of all the locations where they are expected, as well as the time, when they should be there. This allows the shooting crew to get organized and plan their work efficiently.

This is also a great time to share ideas. If there was something you liked at someone else’s wedding coverage, or maybe you wanted to try something unique and different- this is the time to let your photo and video people know! Get inspired with the help of Pinterest and Youtube, and share your thoughts.

During The Wedding

Usually, the team will begin their work with shooting the bride and the groom getting ready. You should expect them to walk around the house or hotel room taking pictures and video of things that are unique to you, things that will allow the viewer to get a sense of you two as individuals. Your picture frames, fridge magnets, little souvenirs, childhood toys- all these tell a story, and will add warmth to the material. If you choose to get ready in an hotel room, the crew will capture your makeup, perfume, hair accessories, bouquet and shoes, as well as the rings and the dress. This will give you some time to get ready enough to look good on camera, and also tidy up. Please expect the photographer or the videographer to remind you to hide all the clutter such as bags, purses, makeup that’s not being used, water bottles, shoe boxes etc. It is distracting and unattractive.

After everyone is ready, the photographer and videographer will start following the wedding party closely, documenting everything that’s happening. When there is free time, they might ask you to pose for the camera, staging shots that would help bring out the beauty and style of your wedding.

One thing I recommend to do before the reception begins, is to make sure your photographer and videographer make it first to the venue, so they get the chance to take clean shots of all the beautiful setting, decorations, flowers etc. Once the guests arrive, it will be nearly impossible to make shots like that.

During the speeches and the traditional first dances, as well as the cake cutting ceremony, the cameras,most likely, will be pointed in the direction of the main table, where the couple sits, but once the dancing begins, the photographer and videographer will shoot in a more documentary and candid style, all around the hall. Also, some time during the reception, the crew will have to take a short break and eat. It is a good idea, to let your crew know when they can do that ahead of time, so they aren’t caught off guard before any ceremonies, such as the bouquet tossing for example.

After The Wedding

It is up to you whether you would like to pay your crew right at the end of the wedding, or after you receive the material. However keep in mind, that editing all the photo and video material from your wedding might take up to three months. Considering the climate here in Toronto, there is a very distinctive wedding season, during which your photographer and videographer can get ridiculously busy. However, Tara Weddings takes pride in its promise to turn-in only high quality photography and videography work, so the process cannot be speed-up once the volume of work gets high. We also understand that sometimes circumstances arise, in which the couple might need the materials sooner. You should definitely let your crew know about that, and we will try our best to find a solution.

Once the photographs are edited, and the video is made, you will be contacted and asked about how would you like to receive the material- via online, CD or a USB stick. Once you receive the material, and savour the result, it is time to pay the professionals the remaining part of their fees.

Finally, please remember, that tips are welcome, and what is even more welcome is references. There’s no greater compliment to a professional, than when his clients are so happy that they recommend his services to their loved ones.