Taborovsky Production brings years of experience in creating dynamic images to serving clients in Toronto and the GTA. With experience in fashion, product, real estate, and portrait photography, we have the ability to showcase your brand in the best light.

With a profound understanding of storytelling, thorough technical expertise, and a strength in thinking outside the box, we are able to produce original content that stands out in today’s media-saturated world. Your clients are exposed to thousands of images daily, all asking for their attention, so only a strong stylistic eye can produce something attention-grabbing and memorable in this environment.

High Skill Commercial Photographers

Our skill set goes beyond concept creation and capturing the image, extending into all of the details that make up a memorable presentation of brand identity. Location, lighting, wardrobe, popular culture and and the media environment, are all taken consideration to produce lasting relevant material with strong aesthetic appeal.

How can you set your brand apart in today’s saturated media environment? How can you come up with something original when you see thousands of possibilities every day? Trusting a team that works with the entire spectrum of the imaging field and through this, has a strong understanding of what has been done.

Important things in commercial photography

What sets commercial photography apart from its other forms, is it’s function as a tool of communication rather than an art form. To create effective commercial photos, we think about the client’s intention and the purpose of the product or service before getting into the technical or aesthetic elements.

It is important to stay focussed on the reason for the commercial image, and as long as this reason remains clear, there is much room for creativity in the look and content. It is also important to understand the difference between commercial and informational content. A commercial does not necessarily need to explain a product or service, or demonstrate it in action. It can do these things, but more important for commercial imagery is provoking curiosity and interest, creating brand awareness, and generating action.