Corporate videos is a term that covers a wide range of media used by companies, both internally within the company and externally with clients and stakeholders.

When effectively made, these videos are very useful in furthering the company’s interests, as the visual or multi-sensory component along several initiatives. Let’s look at the various specialized forms of corporate video.

Company Profile

A company profile video is an introduction to the company and its values, its history, as well as its aspirations going forward.

This form of video can place emphasis on celebrating the history of the company itself on its centennial year, a notable corporate team and the contributions of its individual members, or a new product lineup.

The focus of this video is improving the depth of brand recognition by going beyond the simple logo and slogan.

An effectively made company profile video leaves you with an image of the brand in mind that is more than a yearly lineup of products, but something more.

Corporate Documentary

This form of corporate video goes even further in depth in its exploration and presentation of the brand than the company profile.

Through more indirect and arguably more creative means, a company can explore particular aspects of makes them stand out.

A coffee house can explore the source of their specialty beans and a clothing company can explore the source of their naturally-produced textiles, all through branded corporate documentaries.

These can tell the customer a compelling story connected to the brand, instead of speaking of the brand itself or going as far as being directly complimentary.

Corporate Social Responsibility Video

These videos can be used by a company to communicate its care for its client base and for its community. This can be done by showcasing a company’s successful projects of community involvement or their ethical operational practices and workflow.

The company can use corporate social responsibility videos to create the sense that their presence is positive in several ways, and the community stands to gain more than just access to its products and services, but rather a genuine benefactor.

In an age of growing distrust between consumers and corporations, every brand should take every opportunity to establish an ethically responsible media presence.


Testimonial videos represent a product or service to a prospective client through the shared experiences of those who have used it.

A well done testimonial video accesses in the speaker the genuine communication of satisfaction with the product or service.

It captures on video a raw and real review that is far more palatable to the consumer than a corporate statement.


Some corporate videos focus on explaining the use of a product or service they have already sold.

This could be recommending a recipe to get people excited about your food product in new ways, or showing the process of making your designer coffee table from the raw wood materials in an enthralling way that captures the imagination of your design-loving clients.

A good how-to corporate video emphasizes simplicity and clear communication.

About service

One of the most demanded Taborovsky production services is corporate video production. We live in a world of opportunities, and we see more and more people take their chances in entrepreneurship. We are surrounded by unique businesses, companies and organizations. We also live in the era of Media. Never before did a business need such powerful presence online, whether it’s on the corporate website or the company’s social media.

One of the easiest ways to give a polished look to your company ’s online media is to invest in a big quality corporate video production. Not only can a video portray your brand in more details, make a stronger emotional connection and catch the viewers attention quicker, it can also be used in a variety of ways across the different platforms.

We work closely with our clients to understand the nature and the vision of their brand and the primary purpose the video will be serving, which helps us come up with both a strategy and a tactic for the visuals. Based on those, we choose the locations for the shoot, create a scenario and a shot list, choose the best equipment for the job and so on. For example, a corporate video for a shopping mall and a corporate video for a restaurant will be very different.

As a result, you will be left with video materials that are edited, colour corrected, finished and ready to use. You may use it to upgrade your website, or as a high-quality content for your social media. We guarantee satisfaction and will work with you until all the goals are met.

How much does it cost to produce a corporate promotional video?

Corporate promotional video rates vary a lot depending on the equipment used, the number of team members required to fulfil the goals, the amount of time that needs to be invested into the project as well as any additional fees. Typically corporate video production costs in Toronto begin at a $1000. Taborovsky Production offers competitive prices for corporate promotional video as well as a vast variety of options to elevate the final result from a good promotional video to an excellent one.

We use different cameras to achieve various results. Our top-notch equipment is used to film cinema. We finish our videos using the best software and computers which contributes to smoother production and faster submission times. We have a network of professionals from all over the industry that can be hired for your particular project ’s needs.

All these details help bring your corporate promotional video to a new level and therefore can influence the budget. Please contact us to discuss how much would it cost you to produce the corporate promotional video that is worthy of your company.

How long does it take to make a corporate video?

Initially, the amount of time needed for a corporate promotional video production is very individual and depends on the length of the video and the amount of video material that needs to be shot. The longest part of the project is the shooting process. It can take as little as a few hours and as long as a week or even longer. Each new shot might require a new lighting set up and equipment adjustment. Factors such as location change, different shooting angles, various effects, many people who appear in the video and so on can all elongate the process. However producing a video is always fun for everyone involved, so don ’t get discouraged by long production process- time will fly.

Our team is highly experienced and works as a well-tuned machine when it comes to planning, organization and setup. We shoot quickly and know how to help each other out without even saying anything. This allows us all the enjoy a smooth working process as well get a reliable end result that can then be moulded in the editing process.