In the age of social media, we are excited to constantly share images of our meals with each other, making presentation a more important aspect of the food industry than ever before.

Whether this means showcasing the origins of the food and telling it’s story, or simply making an art out of serving it, the food industry no longer ends its process at the end of the recipe.

We will always be fascinated with eating, both a necessity and one of our oldest forms of social interaction and cultural identity. Images of this essential part of life can really capture the imagination and be more than a visual experience.

A well-composed and captured image of food goes beyond using the camera. It involves taking consideration the whole experience from seeing your meal to eating the last bite and recommending it to a friend.

By thinking about the whole process while planning our images, we are able to produce a multisensory response in the viewer, much like the real experience of eating. An effective image of food has taken into consideration colour, contrast, shape, proportion, and more, to bring to life one of our most tangible experiences- eating.