One of the biggest steps an actor can take towards getting a role is being ready with an effective headshot photo. Helping an agent who has seen countless other faces picture you as the face and character they are looking for can go a long way towards making their list.

A versatile headshot photography can be used to apply for a variety of roles and can help a candidate get to the front of the line by clearly showing their strengths and engaging the imaginations of decision makers. As directors and producers ourselves, we understand what helps, what doesn’t, and what steps to take to be noticed and remembered.

Starting a new career, applying for a new job, or just taking your existing business into a new direction, can be nerve wracking. A business portrait isn’t about beauty or experimenting, but rather about conveying the message of a confident, reliable professional. Regardless of your field, words can only do so much to present what you are all about.

An business photo can go much further in making that human connection with your potential employers or business partners. A well-captured business portrait can be your effective first impression before you even set foot in the interview room or before the first meeting with a potential partner. This will provide you with additional confidence that could take some of the pressure off, and make a crucial difference.