With an extensive background in portrait and fashion photography, Taborovsky Production understands all the most important elements that go into successfully working with models.

On the technical side, we are well-versed in the lighting techniques that complement each individual face as well as different kinds of clothing. Knowing how to produce the right effect on different facial structures, skin, hairstyles, and at the same time different textiles, is important to effectively capture a variety of looks.

Choosing the right lens for a model based on their expression and body language, and the desired result, is another acquired technical skill that leads to shooting the model effectively.

On the non-technical side, we believe every detail matters when interacting with a model who is on camera. Through extensive experience, we understand the process of posing and directing models without losing those priceless original expressions.

We can tailor a shoot to a model’s own personal strengths and attributes, giving them the ability to make an impression. We adapt our shooting style to the kind of job a model is seeking, to give casting agents the confidence they can pull off a certain look.