My photography course, “STARE!”, was developed for a beginner creative who wants to learn about professional photography and to build skills to engage in it. This course consists of all the necessary technical and creative information that one may need to take great pictures – from general technical information about aperture and shutter speed to creative studio lighting schemes that will allow you to find your unique style. During these 9 classes you will receive all the necessary knowledge, as well as practice and develop your skills and evaluate yourself by making a final project in my studio or on location. 

  • Composition of the frame

Do you know what’s the difference between good and bad photography? How is frame built and what is composition? What do you have to have in each photo and what should you avoid? All these questions will be answered. You will learn how to compose your frame so your pictures look the way you want them to.

  • Camera techniques p.1

Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, types of lenses and sensors and much more – all you need to know to really understand the power of the tool you’re holding in your hands, which is your camera.

  • Camera techniques p.2

Technical class continues

  • Outdoor photography

Now you know composition and your camera’s possibilities so you can start taking photos with more awareness. We will practice our newly acquired knowledge for 1 hour while shooting outside (or at the studio) and spend another hour analyzing our work, discovering the best shots and learning what should be paid more attention to next time.

  • Still-life photography + lighting schemes

Your first studio class. We will learn the differences between hard and soft light, different diffusors and various light setups, and then we will create our own unique environments to practice shooting still-life.

  • Portrait photography- Lighting practice

Different ways of putting the model in the frame, different lens types and how to manipulate the mood of a photo with different lighting schemes- these will be the highlights of this lesson.

  • Portrait photography practice

Now you know composition, shooting techniques and studio lighting so you can have your first studio photo-shoot with a real model. In the end of this class you will have your first professional photos and the skill to catch the emotions you need.

  • Colour in photography

Technical skills are important but you have to know the importance of colour in photography as well. You will learn how colour can change the mood of your photography, what are colour schemes and how to work with colour to compliment your work.

  • Retouching

At this point everything you would need to know to start taking your first professional photos has been taught, but to improve the quality of your work even further and to give it a more complete look, you would need to retouch them. We will explore different retouching techniques using the most popular professional software – Photoshop.

9 classes, 1.5 hours each $499 (10 persons/class)

$150 / private class